7 Great Reasons to Buy Amazon Stock in 2022

Amazon has done well during the pandemic, and the company is one of a handful with over a $1 trillion valuation. That swell already had many investors wondering whether they should buy Amazon stock, but the interest picked up on March 9 when the company announced a 20-for-1 stock split. What that means: Current Amazon […]

Bullish and Bearish Market: Best Ways to Invest!

bullish and bearish market

Bullish and Bearish Market: Have you recently started investing in the crypto market? If so, as a beginner there are a lot of things for you to learn and understand to trade effectively in cryptocurrency. One of the terms that you might have come across while studying the crypto market is “bear market” and “bull […]

Four Ways to Secure Your Digital Wallet

digital wallet security

Digital Wallet: Do you invest in cryptocurrency? If so, you might have a crypto wallet that allows you to buy or sell coins and keep your profits. Digital wallets are an integral part of any cryptocurrency investment. Moreover, all your digital assets will be saved in the digital wallet, you must ensure that it is […]

Importance of Liquidity for Crypto Market

liquidity in crypto market

Liquidity is crucial for a market whether it is your conventional stock market or thriving cryptocurrency market. As a beginner crypto trader, you might have come across liquidity. You might have also considered liquidity provider as a crucial factor while choosing your trading company. But have you ever thought about why liquidity is crucial for […]

How to Select the Right ICO for Investment?

ICO for Investment

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency? Well, you are not the only one who wants to get their hands on massive profits. Most people who invest in cryptocurrency are looking to gain profits. However, on one hand, investing in popular coins like Bitcoin will increase their chances of profits, they also increase the chances […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO): Quick Comprehensive Guide

Initial coin offering

When you start reading, learning, and investing in the cryptocurrency market, you always come across the term “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO). And you wonder what does that mean? Should you invest in an ICO? Is it risky to invest in an ICO? Will you ever earn profits by investing in an ICO? Well, the questions […]

Three Tips to Avoid Panic Selling Your Cryptocurrency

panic selling cryptocurrency

Panic Selling Your Cryptocurrency: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. And with the pandemic and any political tension increase the volatility of the market. Investors observe massive fluctuations in the price of different cryptocurrencies. The outcome? Panic selling the crypto coins! Yes, that’s right! Due to higher fluctuations and volatility, people start getting scared of […]

CryptoPunks: A Quick Overview of the Most Popular NFTs

Popular NFTs

NFTs have gained rapid momentum and recognition in 2021. And it’s no wonder when experts say that NFTs will be all the rage in 2022 and the future. Although NFTs have been around for the past few years, they came into the limelight recently. And one of the NFT projects that caught the attention of […]

Six Tips to Diversify Your Cryptocurrency Investment Portfolio

diversify Crypto portfolio

Have you decided to invest in cryptocurrency? If so, you might be looking to buy your first bitcoin or ether or any other crypto coin. Now, investing in cryptocurrency is certainly exciting because the market has shown higher returns and profits. However, the cryptocurrency market is also prone to massive price fluctuations and volatility. If […]

Cryptocurrency and Credit Cards: How Does Their Intersection Look Like?

cryptocurrency and credit cards

Cryptocurrency and Credit Cards: First introduced in 2009, cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, has gained recognition in the past few years. Rising Bitcoin prices and the introduction of new crypto coins have increased the chances of cryptocurrency going mainstream. What indicates that cryptocurrency will soon go mainstream? It is the current intersection with credit cards. Yes, that’s […]