Love, Loss and Crypto- The story of Shreya Datta’s Scam

Crypto Scam

Love has no boundaries, but lies does. A US-based software professional Shreya Datta discovered this the hard way. A clever scam artist posing as her hero sucked Shreya into a web of lies in a frantic romance that quickly turned into a nightmare.

This was no ordinary story of heartbreak—rather, it was an epic cryptocurrency romance scam that robbed Shreya of her retirement savings and life savings and left her drowning in debt.

This is a modern – day love story that is playing out on dating apps. It includes seductive emojis, deepfake videos, and vows of happiness in the future. It feels like a plot from a Hollywood film, except instead of a dapper con man, the antagonist is an anonymous scammer who lurks behind screens, preying on innocent hearts and their wallets.

As we will explore Shreya’s terrifying journey of online romance and cryptocurrency frauds, you will experience everything from laughter to disbelief.

Let’s get started –

The Cute Meeting of Shreya Datta That Became a Horror

When Shreya found “Ancel” on Hinge, it was like finding a precious jewel amidst a sea of ordinary. There was an immediate connection between them in their interactions. “Ancel” quickly won Shreya over with his endearing personality and clever repartee. With their discussions shifting to WhatsApp, Shreya noticed that she was becoming more and more drawn to “Ancel,”. He appeared to provide the kind of true connection and concentrated attention that she had been missing since her recent divorce. Unknown to her, the scammer carried out a well-planned trick using cute emojis and seductive messages, leaving her unaware of the deception.

The affair was short-lived, as Shreya learned the truth about “Ancel’s” true identity. Deepfake movies and emotional manipulation converted what had once appeared like a fairytale romance into a nightmare. Shreya was left reeling by the treachery. She struggles to accept the brutal reality of the swindle and struggling with feelings of betrayal and disbelief.

From Love to Loss

Thanks to “Ancel’s” alluring promises of an early retirement and profitable investments, Shreya’s cryptocurrencies journey started out quite innocently. She immediately downloaded a cryptocurrency trading programme that “Ancel” suggested and started investing her savings with great expectations for the future. Shreya Datta confidence was bolstered and her willingness to invest further was fueled by the apparent promise of the initial rewards.

But as Shreya quickly found out, there were many traps along the way to financial success. When she tried to take her money out, she was told she needed to make more investments and pay personal “taxes,”. This kept her in a vicious circle of dishonesty and debt. Shreya didn’t understand the full scope of the deceit or the disastrous results of her misguided confidence until her brother revealed “Ancel’s” genuine identity.

Suffering, Disgrace, and the Pursuit of Justice by Shreya Datta

Shreya experienced a range of feelings following the swindle, including guilt, self-doubt, and betrayal and fury. She struggled to make sense of the chaos that had invaded her life. This left her vulnerable upon realising she had been conned out of her retirement funds and life savings.

Shreya found herself up against it all despite her best efforts to pursue justice. It was difficult to report the crime to the police because there was little chance of getting her money back or making the offenders pay for their crimes. Shreya felt alone and abandoned in the face of extreme suffering. The stigma associated with financial frauds didn’t help to lessen her feelings of guilt or dignity.


Shreya Datta’s story is a reminder of the dangers that can arise in the digital sphere. Here the fraud and love frequently connect with disastrous results. Let us learn from Shreya’s experience and steer clear of the dangerous online dating and money transactions. Trust but double-check, love but watch out, and most importantly, never undervalue the power of a well-done fraud.

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