How Bitcoin Helps In Growing Your Business?

Growing Your Business: Many companies, as we all know by now, are embracing bitcoin technology, and as a result are on the lookout for the best website to give them with the most up-to-date information about crypto trading. To ensure steady development, you’ll need a firm grasp of bitcoin, which you’ll gain from reading the […]

Everything you need to Know about Cryptocurrency – Beginner’s Guide


Crypto Currency: Cryptocurrency spreads over a huge space in the financial column of every newspaper. Over the past few years, various coins in the cryptocurrency have gained much popularity, especially Bitcoin and Dogecoin. But there are many other coins as well that could be a great investment for your future and are discussed later on. So, […]

Top Five Best Coins to Invest in 2022 for Business

Five Best Coins

Are you looking for the best website that will provide you with the best information on cryptocurrency? Then, reach out to the Coin Informer and get the latest updates on which cryptocurrency coin to invest in 2022. This guide will give you deep knowledge before choosing crypto for business. What is cryptocurrency? It is a […]

Three Reasons Why Governments Are Cautious of Using Bitcoin


Bitcoin was first introduced in 2008 on whitepaper as a potential currency for transactions. However, after several years of its introduction, governments are still skeptical about using digital currency for official transactions. Although several countries have legalized bitcoin, several others have out absolute ban on its usage. But why are governments so cautious when it […]

Ways to Prevent Cryptojacking


If you haven’t been living under a rock, you might already know the rise in the digital age. There was a time when not many people believed that we could make transactions or shop online right from the comfort of our homes. However, with advanced digital technology, it is possible now. You have got the […]

How to Select the Right ICO for Investment?

Initial Coin Offering Evaluation

Do you want to invest in cryptocurrency? Well, you are not the only one who wants to get their hands on massive profits. Most people who invest in cryptocurrency are looking to gain profits. However, on one hand, investing in popular coins like Bitcoin will increase their chances of profits, they also increase the chances […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO): Quick Comprehensive Guide

Initial coin offering

When you start reading, learning, and investing in the cryptocurrency market, you always come across the term “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO). And you wonder what does that mean? Should you invest in an ICO? Is it risky to invest in an ICO? Will you ever earn profits by investing in an ICO? Well, the questions […]

Bitcoin Debit Cards 2022: Our Top Four Picks!

Bitcoin Debit Cards

Have you been looking to issue a Bitcoin debit card for easy transactions and withdrawal of your earned bitcoin in cash? If so, you might want to stick around and keep reading this blog post. After independently reviewing a few Bitcoin debit cards available on the market, we have created a comprehensive list of the […]

Four Factors to Consider Before Shorting Bitcoin

Shorting Bitcoin

Bitcoin has gained the massive spotlight in the past few years. In fact, 2021 was a breakthrough year for the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market overall. However, several investors predict that bitcoin will crash in the next few years. If you are one of those investors, you might want to short bitcoin as soon as possible. […]

Taproot Upgrade: Everything You Should Know

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

In the past four years, Bitcoin hasn’t implemented any upgrade until now. The latest upgrade on the Bitcoin network is Taproot. The main aim of implementing Taproot is to streamline the transactions making them more efficient and cost-effective. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of Taproot and the effect it will […]