Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Quick Look at the Timeline

Bitcoin Hard Fork

Bitcoin Hard Forks: Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious software developer released bitcoin in early 2009. This was the first cryptocurrency ever to be released. And since then, it has seen a massive following to grow as a cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. Many new and pro investors strongly believe in bitcoin which is usually their […]

Will Bitcoin Ever Reach its Maximum Supply Value of 21 million?

Bitcoin Supply

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and the first cryptocurrencies to be released in the market for trading. Since its release in 2009, this cryptocurrency coin has performed really well, and most traders prefer buying and selling Bitcoin to earn profits. But there’s a major catch with Bitcoin and its potential to be the […]

Four Online Courses to Learn About Cryptocurrency Trading Effectively

Cryptocurrency Trading Courses

Cryptocurrency Trading Courses: $1.9 billion by 2028! This is the estimated value of the global cryptocurrency market. This means that cryptocurrency trading is not just a passing fad. Instead, it is here to stay and will keep growing. More people will start trading in the cryptocurrency market. And it doesn’t necessarily have to be expert […]

Three Reasons Why Governments Are Cautious of Using Bitcoin


Bitcoin was first introduced in 2008 on whitepaper as a potential currency for transactions. However, after several years of its introduction, governments are still skeptical about using digital currency for official transactions. Although several countries have legalized bitcoin, several others have out absolute ban on its usage. But why are governments so cautious when it […]

Bitcoin Crypto Considered Legal and Illegal in These Countries


Bitcoin Crypto: Cryptocurrency has gained rapid momentum in the past few years. Although the initial growth and popularity were slow, it has gained recognition by not just individuals but also businesses. Digital currency is seen as the future of transactions. One of the most popular cryptocurrencies that have always stayed on top is Bitcoin. As […]

How Do You Mine Bitcoin? Is It Worth It? Bitcoin Mining Process

Bitcoin Mining

Bitcoin Mining Process: As we all know, Bitcoins do not come from thin air. New Bitcoin units enter circulation through a process called Bitcoin mining. How exactly does Bitcoin mining work, you ask? Read on as we will discuss this process from start to circulation. The Nature of Bitcoin Bitcoin operates in a decentralized computer […]