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Craig Wright’s Court Trial Takes a Turn with Numerous Dramas on Day 15

February 28, 2024

A self-proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor, Craig Wright’s court trial hits a snag! On the fifteenth day of the highly anticipated court trial involving Craig Wright, a contentious development has emerged. Wright, who has long been a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency community, is now challenging the authenticity of crucial evidence presented against him. While cross-examining the arguments of Patrick Madden, a digital forensics expert, Wright’s wife, Ramona Watts, presented…

Love, Loss and Crypto- The story of Shreya Datta’s Scam

February 27, 2024

Love has no boundaries, but lies does. A US-based software professional Shreya Datta discovered this the hard way. A clever scam artist posing as her hero sucked Shreya into a web of lies in a frantic romance that quickly turned into a nightmare. This was no ordinary story of heartbreak—rather, it was an epic cryptocurrency romance scam that robbed Shreya of her retirement savings and life savings and…

A Crypto Recap of The Last 24 Hours: Latest Happening in Crypto

February 21, 2024

Hi there, lovers of cryptocurrency! Are you prepared to explore the Crypto Recap of The Last 24 Hours? As we take you on a tour through the most recent developments, scandals, and trends influencing the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape, buckle up. There’s a lot to digest, from hedge fund fights to trendy tokens to Bitcoin regaining its trillion-dollar crown. So, grab your preferred libation and let’s get going! 1.…

Bitcoin May Reach $70K By April End – Lyra’s Data Analysis

February 20, 2024

So, you’re into crypto, huh? Well, now is the right time to dive deep into some interesting insights about Bitcoin and Lyra’s Data. Do you know that a decentralized options marketplace known as Lyra’s Data is buzzing with activity, revealing some interesting probabilities surrounding Bitcoin’s trajectory? What if we tell you that you have the opportunity to read the trader’s minds and decipher their expectations and speculations? It’s…