Must Read Step By Step Guide before Investing in the Cryptocurrency


Cryptocurrency prices are extremely volatile, so investors must research well before deciding to get into it. If you really want to understand cryptocurrency, it is necessary to explore crypto investment opportunities. Also, you must factor in the price volatility in your plans. In this guide, let us discuss the crypto investment opportunities. Cryptocurrencies are still […]

Reasons Why Non-Custodial Digital Wallets are Preferred

Non custodial digital wallet

If you are investing in cryptocurrency, you might be using a digital wallet to store your crypto assets. Most of the digital wallets include the use of a third party to manage the assets. However, with non-custodial digital wallets, users get more flexibility. Non-custodial digital wallets don’t have the involvement of a third party. These […]

Four Ways to Secure Your Digital Wallet

digital wallet security

Digital Wallet: Do you invest in cryptocurrency? If so, you might have a crypto wallet that allows you to buy or sell coins and keep your profits. Digital wallets are an integral part of any cryptocurrency investment. Moreover, all your digital assets will be saved in the digital wallet, you must ensure that it is […]

Initial Coin Offering (ICO): Quick Comprehensive Guide

Initial coin offering

When you start reading, learning, and investing in the cryptocurrency market, you always come across the term “Initial Coin Offering” (ICO). And you wonder what does that mean? Should you invest in an ICO? Is it risky to invest in an ICO? Will you ever earn profits by investing in an ICO? Well, the questions […]

Top Five Questions Answered Regarding Developing Your Own NFTs

NFT non fungible token

Have you been highly active in the crypto market? If so, you might have heard about NFTs. Even if you aren’t active in the crypto market, you might have come across this term on social media. There is so much hype around NFTs. Creatives such as celebrities, artists, and others are aiming to release their […]

Top Tips to Trade Responsibly in Crypto Market

trade responsibly in crypto market

Cryptocurrency trading is risky due to high volatility and fluctuations. Hence, investors and traders must trade responsibly. Especially if you are a beginner, where you are learning the ropes of the cryptocurrency market, trading responsibly is crucial. You can use different trading strategies, however, implementing them with caution is important. At Coin Informer, we want […]

Crypto Market Sentiments: A Brief Overview!

crypto market sentiments

If you are aware of the crypto market, you might know that it is highly volatile and is prone to massive fluctuations. And these fluctuations are caused by several factors which include the press, public opinion, and social media. This can also be termed as a collective attitude of investors and traders towards the crypto […]

Crypto Tourism: A Brief Overview!

Crypto Tourism

Crypto Tourism: Just before the 2020 pandemic shut down tourism, there was a type of tourism that was gaining popularity. And that is Cryptocurrency Tourism! Yes, crypto tourism is very much a real thing and as soon as all the international travel restrictions are lifted, it will see a massive boom. We already know that […]

Five Things You Can Buy Using Bitcoin

Shopping with Bitcoin

Cryptocurrency is going mainstream! Yes, that’s right! Not just major investors but a common man is also interested in buying cryptocurrency such as bitcoin. And this does fulfill the purpose for which bitcoin was developed and released in the first place: using bitcoin to buy regular things. But over the years, bitcoin has been used […]

Taproot Upgrade: Everything You Should Know

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

In the past four years, Bitcoin hasn’t implemented any upgrade until now. The latest upgrade on the Bitcoin network is Taproot. The main aim of implementing Taproot is to streamline the transactions making them more efficient and cost-effective. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of Taproot and the effect it will […]