Is Craig Wright Really Satoshi Nakamoto? Let the British Court Decide it!

Craig Wright

As a crypto enthusiast, you may have heard of this weird theory where Craig Wright identifies himself as a ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ the unidentified progenitor of Bitcoin. No one knows who, exactly, Satoshi Nakamoto was. Why did he disappear after creating a white paper that launched the biggest cryptocurrency ever (Bitcoin)? All of us know that Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin. However, in 2016, something weird happened. An Australian techie named Craig Wright came out in the media and proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin’s original creator). This news became the biggest headline in the world. The whole crypto community was shocked, but something big from Wright was also coming. He also accused the crypto developer community of misusing his (Satoshi’s) creation & converting it into a highly expensive commodity, as the original idea was to make Bitcoin as digital cash for everyday transactions. We all may have moved on from this, but Wright still stands on his claims. In an ongoing British court trial, Wright is still reciting the same old claims as we all used to recite poems in childhood before teachers.

Since this weird yet relevant theory has again popped off due to an ongoing court trial, Coin Informer thought this is the right time to Craig Wright’s real identification & his journey to court.

Who, exactly, is Craig Wright?

This 53-year-old man is an Australian computer scientist and self-proclaimed businessman. With a rich academic background, Wright was poised to have a bright future. He started his professional career by working for companies like OzEmail & K-mart. Later on, he also becomes a security consultant for Mahindra & Mahindra. But in Late December, everything changed when Craig claimed himself ‘pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.’ After that, all he does is make everyone believe that he is an inventor of Bitcoin.

8 Years of Wright’s Life, Fighting Numerous Legal Cases

In the last eight years of Wright’s life, he has fought against a number of legal issues, including Dave Kleiman’s property-related lawsuit. If he gets extra time between his busy schedule to make people aware, ‘he is a Nakamoto,’ Wright also sued numerous people. He sued influential personalities like Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), Roger Van (Bitcoin Entrepreneur) & Peter McCormack (a Renowned Podcaster). Besides this, he also started suing many YouTubers & even some social media users. Simply put, he sued all people who accused him of lying about being Satoshi Nakamoto.

Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance Filing Court Case Against Craig Wright

Craig Wright’s real identity is going to be out soon as COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance) has filed a case against him. Involving in a case like this with such a world-recognized organization as COPA is a big deal. COPA is very clear behind their court file. They have asked the British high court either for a ruling or declaration ‘Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.’ Considering the seriousness of this case, the court trial started on February 5 at the High Court’s Business & Property Courts of England. The whole trail can last for a month. It means that at the end of this month, this theory vanished forever.

 February 6 – 9 (Cross-Examination of Craig Wright)

On the first day of the trial, COPA’s barrister, Jonathan Hough, spoke some clap-worthy lines which go like this,

‘Dr. Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto is a ‘Brazen Lie,’ an ‘Elaborate False Narrative’ supported by forgery on an industrial scale.’
Moreover, Hough also dismissed Wright’s documents indicating him to be Satoshi as fake & contradictory. The documents also contained the 2008 white paper that launched Bitcoin. COPA rejected these papers as they argued the original paper was written using OpenOffice while Wright’s paper was written using LaTeX. Moreover, the formats of both papers were also mismatched.

February 12 – 13 (Craig Wright’s Cross Examination Continued)

Again, Wright showed numerous documents indicating he has some sort of Satoshi-hood in it. From Schema files to plug-ins & hex editing, the files perfectly resonate with Satoshi’s work. In resistance, Hough accused Wright of forgery, arguing that these documents were backdated and had undergone several changes to make them look like they were of Satoshi.

February 14 – 16 (Cross Examination of Remaining Fact Witnesses for Craig Wright)

The court trial is ongoing.

Upcoming Schedule of COPA vs. Craig Wright Case

February 19 – 23 (Cross Examination of Fact Witnesses for COPA/Developers)
February 23 – March 1 (Cross Examination of Digital Forensic Experts)
(Cross Examination of Both Cryptocurrency Experts) March 1
March 4 (One-Week Gap)
March 12 – 15 (Oral Closing Submissions)

What’s Next?

We’ve to wait for a few more weeks to know the truth whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not. If he proved to be Nakamoto at the end of a court trial, he would become a parent to Bitcoin (the world’s largest cryptocurrency). With that, he’ll also get access to some copyright in the Bitcoin price, from where he can earn a lot of money. If he is found to be not Nakamoto, then Mr. Craig has to face some hard challenges, which can cause a lot of trouble for the old man.
Stay tuned with Coin Informer to get up-to-date with this significant court trial.