November’s Crypto Picks: The 4 Coins Set to Skyrocket This Month

So far, November has been proving to be Santa Claus for the crypto market. After the disastrous price trend in the last few months, significant cryptocurrencies are witnessing an upward trend in November. Bitcoin is reaching a new height in terms of price range day by day, and ETH and other tokens are also growing at reasonable rates. That’s enough about leading cryptocurrencies, and if you’re a crypto investor, you must have invested in it. However, this time, you should also consider investing in other cryptocurrencies. Let’s look at the top November’s crypto picks other than famous ones (Bitcoin, ETH) predicted to surge in their prices this month.

1. Cardano (ADA): November’s Crypto Picks

In 2023, Cardano (ADA) has made a place in the list of popular cryptocurrencies. And there is no lie in it. In the recent Cardano summit a few days ago, The Cardano Foundation introduced ‘Ledger Sync, an innovative tool to improve the developer experience on its blockchain platform. Inefficient data retrieval is one of the biggest challenges on Cardono’s blockchain platform. Therefore, to solve these issues, Ledger Sync has come into action.

This innovative tool will soon be released as an open source to diversify Cardano’s developer community.

Besides the remarkable introduction of ‘Ledger Sync’, the current market price also looks incredible for ADA. After the disastrous performance from August to October, the price rate of Cardano is witnessing a positive trend in November.

As of 13:17 (UTC), the Cardano price stands at $0.369 with a total market cap of $12.89B.

crypto price

(Sources: Coin Desk’s Crypto Price Index)

The latest trends indicate that ADA will grow more in the upcoming weeks.

2. Solana: November’s Crypto Picks

Like Cardano, 2023 wasn’t looking great for Salona until November arrived. In mid-September, the prices dropped considerably, slipping to $17.64$. From there, the Solana prices started growing. As of 13:17 (UTC), SOL tokens are trading at $62.81, with a 17.46 growth over 24 hours. Moreover, Solano has experienced 178% growth in its prices compared to last month (the highest of all cryptocurrencies). Moreover, the increased liquidity and growing market cap are encouraging SOL to breach towards $65. So, it is the best time to invest in Solano.

price index

(Sources: Coin Desk’s Crypto Price Index)

3. Chainlink (LINK): November’s Crypto Picks


Initially, when Chainlink debuted, it didn’t have the expected support from the crypto community as everyone thought. This would be witnessed by looking at their price at that moment. Slowly but smoothly, Chainlink has found its investors in the crypto landscape. After the good run in 2021-22, 2023 wasn’t much great for Chainlink. But November is looking great for LINK. As of 13:17 (UTC), the LINK price is $14.83, with a 3.09% growth in the last 24 hours.


                                                                  (Sources: Coin Desk’s Crypto Price Index)

In October, many crypto analysts predicted that if LINK prices reach $10, the prices will witness an excellent positive trend. Luckily, the prices did reach $10 and are currently sitting at over $14. As we go by the predictions, it is possible to breach towards $17, too.

4. Ripple (XRP): November’s Crypto Picks

Over the past few months, the price of Ripple (XRP) has always fluctuated due to a court case with the SEC. But, with the news of Ripple winning the court case against SEC back in August, it has to be most ‘THE NEWS’ of the crypto landscape 2023.

The victory of Ripple against the SEC indicated investors to witness a massive increase in XRP’s price rates. But, the rise in the price wasn’t up to the mark. Nevertheless, over the past months, XRP did make an incredible growth.

During the first week of November, when most cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, ETH and Solana, showed a considerable price surge, XRP was still lagging with minor growth.

Crypto Price Index

       (Sources: Coin Desk’s Crypto Price Index)

As of 13:17 (UTC), the XRP price is $0.63946, with a 1.73% decrease over 24 hours.

Due to the increase in selling price, two theories are being made regarding the price prediction of XRP.

Theory #1: If the Ripple price fails to hold at $0.6187, there’ll be a downward trend. The prices can fall to $0.5981 with a 10% dip and even further below $0.5837.

Theory #2: If the price withstands the upper trendline, the price will surge to $0.7500 and even further with 20% growth.
Crypto analysts have different points of view regarding each theory, but many expect XRP to show a massive surge. So, if you want to take a chance, buy XRP tokens and enjoy the profits in a few weeks.


As a crypto enthusiast, you may know this world is dynamic and ever-changing. So, predictions and lists are made according to current market analysis. Take our information as a guide, but the decision to invest in any cryptocurrency should be solely based on your personal point of view regarding market trends. Besides this, don’t forget to read our next blog post, where we’ve discussed the top crypto headlines of November this week. Stay tuned for more updates!