XRP & XLM Surges, Bitcoin’s $32K Struggle: Latest Crypto News

Latest Crypto News

What an exhilarating week it has been in the world of cryptocurrencies! From Ripple’s triumphant victory in a lawsuit against the SEC to the soaring heights reached by its XRP token, the crypto community erupted in celebration of these remarkable achievements. With the most significant crypto news of the year, if not the decade, numerous altcoins like XLM experienced massive surges, sending the entire market into a frenzy. However, amidst all the excitement, one cryptocurrency’s performance commanded everyone’s attention – Bitcoin’s struggle to demonstrate a positive trend. Let’s take a closer look at some of the exciting latest crypto news.

Winning Streak for XRP, XLM, and Other Altcoins: Latest Crypto News

Insights of XRP:

Following the victory of Ripple in a lawsuit against the SEC, the crypto world bloomed like a flower in spring. Ripple’s XRP token surged to new heights with more than a 90% jump on the day of the court’s decision in favor of XRP.
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On Wednesday, XRP was trending stronger than Bitcoin and all other Altcoins by double-digit growth. Currently, XRP stands proudly in 4th position as the top cryptocurrency in the world. The netizens were quick enough to state, ‘XRP is the biggest competitor to Bitcoin.’ However, many experts have mixed statements on this argument since Bitcoin has a market value that is ten times greater than XRP.

Markus Levin, Co-founder of XYO, stated to CoinDesk,

‘XRP is witnessing returns of investors after the historic legal win for Ripple.’

That’s why exchanges like Coinbase, Bitstamp, and Kraken are considering relisting XRP.

Insights of XLM:

XLM, a renowned token of Stellar (blockchain-based payment platform), was trading stronger with a jump of 18% on 19th July. The impact of Ripple’s victory can be seen as XTM trading just above 13% at the start of July, but it has recently shown a tremendous trend. The trend of XLM was so strong, with a 24.43% up, that it was the top-performing cryptocurrency of the past 24 hours on CMC.

Other Altcoins:

Other altcoins, such as ADA and SOL, Cardano and Solano’s crypto coins, have also witnessed significant growth. ADO shows growth of 13.25% this week, while SOL surges high with 22.68%. At some point, both currencies rose over 6%, more than leading cryptocurrencies like Ether and Bitcoin.

Here is a table indicating the latest trends of top altcoins.

Altcoins Price Volume

(24 hours)

Market Cap Growth in last 24 hours
XRP $0.8465 $3.89 Billion $43 Billion + 4.45%
XLM $0.1656 $1.033 Billion $4.5 Billion + 20.43%
ADA $0.3253 $484.2 Million $11 Billion + 2.74%
SOL $26.82 $554.8 Million $10 Billion + 2.29%

(Data Indicating the latest trend of XRP, XLM, ADA, and SOL as of 20/07/2023 (8:10:00 AM)

The Curious Case of Bitcoin’s Struggle to Reach $31K Mark: Latest Crypto News

With the biggest crypto news of Ripple’s legal triumph, numerous cryptocurrencies witnessed an upward trend except a leading one – Bitcoin. A few months ago, many crypto analysts predicted Bitcoin to reach the $32K Mark in July, but it didn’t happen. Investors became sure that with Ripple’s win, BTC could hit $32K, but it happened the opposite. In the last seven days, Bitcoin has declined by -0.79%. There’s no denying that it has a volume of over $11 Billion, but the rise of BTC is important for the overall crypto market. The primary reason is a lack of trader activity in the derivative market. Moreover, funding is down, and liquidity cases are increasing rapidly.

UNIBOT: An Entry of New Character to Crypto World

UNIBOT is a relatively new cryptocurrency that is integrated with a telegram. Will you believe if someone says you can trade a cryptocurrency through a quick telegram chat? No, but you have it, as UNIBOT has made this possible. You can trade UNIBOT on Uniswap, a decentralized exchange, directly from their telegram chat. Though UNIBOT is a new service, still, in such a short period, it is garnering attraction from traders worldwide. The token has a market capitalization of $80 million, with its price standing at $80 per token.

In Retrospect:

The crypto world witnessed an exhilarating week with Ripple’s legal triumph leading to impressive surges in XRP and XLM and significant growth in other altcoins like ADA and SOL. However, Bitcoin’s struggle to reach the projected $32K mark puzzled investors, with a -0.79% decline in the last seven days. Meanwhile, the entry of UNIBOT as a Telegram-integrated cryptocurrency garnered attention from traders worldwide. As the crypto market continues evolving, traders and enthusiasts brace themselves for even more exciting developments and opportunities.