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Craig Wright

Craig Wright’s Court Trial Takes a Turn with Numerous Dramas on Day 15

A self-proclaimed Bitcoin Inventor, Craig Wright’s court trial hits a snag! On the fifteenth day of the highly anticipated court trial involving Craig Wright, a contentious development has emerged. Wright, who has long been a controversial figure in the cryptocurrency community, is now challenging the authenticity of crucial evidence presented against him. While cross-examining the arguments of Patrick Madden, a digital forensics expert, Wright’s wife, Ramona Watts, presented these emails. Moreover, a forgery video of Wright allegedly recreating the Bitcoin White paper was presented in the court. Let’s recap all the dramas garnered huge attention on Day 15 of Wright’s court trial. Before that, let’s give you a little overview of this case. COPA vs Craig Wright: A Long Battle Finally Ending? As you may know, in 2015, from nowhere, a man named Craig Wright emerged and self-proclaimed himself as a real ‘Satoshi Nakamoto.’ (Satoshi Nakamoto was the man behind the creation of Bitcoin’s white paper, who suddenly disappeared after that) For the next few years, all he did was self-promotion for being a real Bitcoin inventor. But, recognized crypto communities & organizations always thought of him as a ‘Big Liar.’ As a result, COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance) sued Craig Wright for running a fake campaign, identifying himself as a ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’. COPA moved to the UK high court to officially declare that ‘Craig Wright is not a Satoshi Nakamoto.’ Read our previously published news blog post, which discusses the in-depth history behind this case. Moreover, we’ve also recapped all the hearings from February 6 to February 14, where Craig Wright’s statement was cross-examined. According to the official schedule, the Cross-examination of digital forensic experts is scheduled from February 23 to March 1. This cross-examination hasn’t even ended yet. Still, it is garnering so much attention. The reason behind this is an Email. Recap of Madden’s Cross-Examination in Craig Wright’s Court Trail After cross-examining Patrick Madden, a digital forensics expert, the entire day, he made some arguments that pissed off Wright’s wife. Madden questions the reliability of all the documents that Wright’s legal team has presented as proof. Before drama begins, Craig Orr (a cross-examiner for Madden from Wright’s side) asks a series of questions. Craig Orr: Is the footer in a document presented by Wight as evidence that could or could not have existed in 2008? Madden: ‘I can’t say that 100%’. Craig Orr: Are you speculating these things? Madden: ‘It’s a bit more than that, but okay.’ Craig Orr: Why did you rely on Bird & Bird LLP (COPA’s counsel) to draft his report instead of hiring an independent professional assistant? Madden: ‘I didn’t trust anyone else to do the work.’ Originally, Madden’s cross-examination was planned for at least two days. However, it ended up in less than a day. Therefore, Shoosmiths had to cross-examine two more witnesses from COPA’s side. Digging Long-Year-Ago History in Craig Wright’s Case: The Emails Between Satoshi with Martti Malmi & Adam Back Become Public in Court Trail If you’re well-informed on Bitcoin’s history, you may know all these names: Martti Malmi & Adam Back. Martii Malmi’s Emails Are Irrelevant Martti Malmi was the first administrator of After Satoshi disappeared. On GitHub (a code repository), Malmi published a series of emails. The emails were casual and professional conversations on the creation of Bitcoin & Craig Wright presented these secret emails as evidence for proving himself to be the real ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’ to whom Malmi was writing emails. Due to the heavy involvement of Malmi in this evidence, he had to take the witness stand to explain why these emails were kept as secret. To which he argues, at that time, these emails contained secret passwords and several information on Bitcoin. Since this information is irrelevant now, there is no reason to let these emails stay secretive. Adam Back’s Emails Got Public, and he isn’t able to Recall the Actual Conversation February 22, 2023. Adam Back was moved to the witness stand when Craig Wright presented the email of the conversation between Adam Back & Satoshi. In emails, Nakamoto has praised Back’s Hashcash, Bitcoin’s precursor. Moreover, Nakamoto also wrote about crediting the author of the B-Money web page in his Bitcoin whitepaper. During the cross-examination, Adma Back clearly said that his conversion with Nakamoto was minimal, particularly on professional terms. Furthermore, he also argued he hardly remembers the actual conversation. A Big Expose Came to Front: Wright’s Former Lawyer Calls These Emails as ‘Not Genuine’ Before this, things were going in Craig Wright’s favor, but who would have thought the trail would take a 360-degree turn? During the fourth week of the court trial on Monday, Wright’s former lawyers gave a shocking statement. They clearly said in court, ‘The emails shared by Craig Wright’s wife as evidence are not genuine.’ Upon hearing this shocking revelation, the court disclosed the emails and former lawyers’ responses. The emails, statements of both sides of witnesses & other documents are set to be analyzed with the next proceeding on Tuesday. The Forgery Video Being Played in the Courtroom Watching an animation video in the British High Court wasn’t what the crypto community expected to see in 2024. But somehow, it happened. Alexander Gunning, COPA’s attorney, played the animation video, which demonstrates Wright’s alleged attempt to recreate Bitcoin’s whitepaper in LaTeX. Though Wright completely denied this allegation, COPA is standing tall on its findings. What’s Next? After the last drama of the cross-examination period, the court adjourned for the weekend. The court trial will resume today, continuing the discussion on the truth behind Satoshi’s emails with Malmi & Back.

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Crypto Scam

Love, Loss and Crypto- The story of Shreya Datta’s Scam

Love has no boundaries, but lies does. A US-based software professional Shreya Datta discovered this the hard way. A clever scam artist posing as her hero sucked Shreya into a web of lies in a frantic romance that quickly turned into a nightmare. This was no ordinary story of heartbreak—rather, it was an epic cryptocurrency romance scam that robbed Shreya of her retirement savings and life savings and left her drowning in debt. This is a modern – day love story that is playing out on dating apps. It includes seductive emojis, deepfake videos, and vows of happiness in the future. It feels like a plot from a Hollywood film, except instead of a dapper con man, the antagonist is an anonymous scammer who lurks behind screens, preying on innocent hearts and their wallets. As we will explore Shreya’s terrifying journey of online romance and cryptocurrency frauds, you will experience everything from laughter to disbelief. Let’s get started – The Cute Meeting of Shreya Datta That Became a Horror When Shreya found “Ancel” on Hinge, it was like finding a precious jewel amidst a sea of ordinary. There was an immediate connection between them in their interactions. “Ancel” quickly won Shreya over with his endearing personality and clever repartee. With their discussions shifting to WhatsApp, Shreya noticed that she was becoming more and more drawn to “Ancel,”. He appeared to provide the kind of true connection and concentrated attention that she had been missing since her recent divorce. Unknown to her, the scammer carried out a well-planned trick using cute emojis and seductive messages, leaving her unaware of the deception. The affair was short-lived, as Shreya learned the truth about “Ancel’s” true identity. Deepfake movies and emotional manipulation converted what had once appeared like a fairytale romance into a nightmare. Shreya was left reeling by the treachery. She struggles to accept the brutal reality of the swindle and struggling with feelings of betrayal and disbelief. From Love to Loss Thanks to “Ancel’s” alluring promises of an early retirement and profitable investments, Shreya’s cryptocurrencies journey started out quite innocently. She immediately downloaded a cryptocurrency trading programme that “Ancel” suggested and started investing her savings with great expectations for the future. Shreya Datta confidence was bolstered and her willingness to invest further was fueled by the apparent promise of the initial rewards. But as Shreya quickly found out, there were many traps along the way to financial success. When she tried to take her money out, she was told she needed to make more investments and pay personal “taxes,”. This kept her in a vicious circle of dishonesty and debt. Shreya didn’t understand the full scope of the deceit or the disastrous results of her misguided confidence until her brother revealed “Ancel’s” genuine identity. Suffering, Disgrace, and the Pursuit of Justice by Shreya Datta Shreya experienced a range of feelings following the swindle, including guilt, self-doubt, and betrayal and fury. She struggled to make sense of the chaos that had invaded her life. This left her vulnerable upon realising she had been conned out of her retirement funds and life savings. Shreya found herself up against it all despite her best efforts to pursue justice. It was difficult to report the crime to the police because there was little chance of getting her money back or making the offenders pay for their crimes. Shreya felt alone and abandoned in the face of extreme suffering. The stigma associated with financial frauds didn’t help to lessen her feelings of guilt or dignity. Conclusion Shreya Datta’s story is a reminder of the dangers that can arise in the digital sphere. Here the fraud and love frequently connect with disastrous results. Let us learn from Shreya’s experience and steer clear of the dangerous online dating and money transactions. Trust but double-check, love but watch out, and most importantly, never undervalue the power of a well-done fraud. Visit Coin Informer for the most recent information and analysis on digital security and cryptocurrency scams. Remain aware and watchful, and let’s work together to create a more secure digital future.  

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crypto recap

A Crypto Recap of The Last 24 Hours: Latest Happening in Crypto

Hi there, lovers of cryptocurrency! Are you prepared to explore the Crypto Recap of The Last 24 Hours? As we take you on a tour through the most recent developments, scandals, and trends influencing the ever-changing cryptocurrency landscape, buckle up. There’s a lot to digest, from hedge fund fights to trendy tokens to Bitcoin regaining its trillion-dollar crown. So, grab your preferred libation and let’s get going! 1. Bitcoin Reclaim $1 trillion crown: Crypto Recap Bitcoin has experienced a remarkable surge in value. It has reached $52,005 and marking a 22% increase since the beginning of the year. This surge has propelled Bitcoin’s market capitalization past the $1 trillion mark which is a significant milestone that highlights the cryptocurrency’s resilience and growing mainstream acceptance. The recent surge in Bitcoin’s value has electrified the broader cryptocurrency market, driving up prices of other digital assets. Prices are rising as a result of investors’ growing perception of Bitcoin as a hedge against inflation and a store of value. Regulatory Uplift The cryptocurrency industry has benefited greatly from the US regulatory authorities’ approval of spot Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs), which includes products from BlackRock and Fidelity. By enabling investors to purchase Bitcoin through established stock exchanges, these exchange-traded funds (ETFs) increase market accessibility and encourage capital inflows. The acceptance of Bitcoin ETFs by regulators is viewed as a step in the right direction for the general public’s acceptance and the accreditation of cryptocurrencies as an asset class. 2. Tyr Capital and the Hedge Fund Clash over FTX Exposure Hedge Fund Clash: Crypto Recap Tyr Capital, a Swiss cryptocurrency hedge fund, and one of its clients, TGT, are at odds over TGT’s exposure to the now-defunct cryptocurrency exchange FTX. Tyr Capital has been charged by TGT with mismanagement. According to TGT, the hedge fund withdrew money from the exchange on the day it filed for bankruptcy, despite being warned about its connections to FTX. The disagreement draws attention to the dangers of using cryptocurrency exchanges and the necessity for strong risk control procedures in the sector. Effects of the FTX Collapse: Crypto Recap The demise of FTX has had far-reaching effects on organizations that were either directly or indirectly exposed to the exchange. It has also raised concerns about regulatory oversight and risk management in the cryptocurrency space. The allegations made by TGT against Tyr Capital highlight the necessity for investors to carry out extensive due diligence and carefully weigh the risks involved in their investments. Investors should take note from the aftermath of the FTX crash, which emphasises the value of responsibility and transparency in the cryptocurrency space. 3. Popular Cryptocurrencies: Pepe Fork, Scorpion Casino, and BONK BONK’s Exciting Roller Coaster In recent weeks, there has been a lot of volatility with the Solana-based meme coin BONK. Its value has fluctuated due to speculation and market uncertainties. Because of the speculative nature of the meme coin market, BONK is still talked about by cryptocurrency fans despite its recent price changes. When investing in volatile assets such as BONK, investors ought to proceed with caution and thoroughly evaluate the risks involved. The Success of Scorpion Casino’s Presale Within the cryptocurrency world, Scorpion Casino’s novel method of generating passive revenue through daily staking incentives has attracted a lot of interest. Scorpion Casino has established itself as a top alternative for investors looking for reliable profits by providing a more steady investment option than the erratic meme coins. The platform’s long-term potential and appeal are further enhanced by its strategic relationships and integration with the online gambling sector. The Market Debut of Pork With its quick ascent and community backing, Pepe Fork (PORK) has become a prominent new player in the cryptocurrency space. Even though PORK’s future is yet unknown, its successful market launch and community support suggest that it has room to develop and be sustainable in the long run. When making an investment in novel or unproven assets, investors should proceed with care and keep a close eye on developments around PORK. 4. Market Update: Altcoins Soar, Bitcoin Holds Firm The Sturdiness of Bitcoin Bitcoin has shown endurance once again, staying above $52,000 in face of market turbulence and unpredictability. With resistance levels between $53,000 and $55,000 with positive momentum, analysts are still upbeat about Bitcoin’s future. The resilience of Bitcoin in the face of market turbulence highlights its importance as a top digital asset and value store. Market Dynamics Worldwide The value of the worldwide cryptocurrency market has increased, with a total market capitalization of $1.97 trillion. Positive investor mood and growing acceptance have propelled altcoins like Ethereum, Solana, and Dogecoin to notable increases. The general view for the cryptocurrency market is still optimistic despite obstacles and concerns. Hence, this indicate rising interest and trust in digital assets. Conclusion Making wise investment decisions in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies requires staying informed. Keeping up to date is crucial be it following the swings of Bitcoin’s price, or investigating Crypto Recap. Stay ahead of the curve by visiting Coin Informer for the most recent analysis and news on the cryptocurrency market. Use Coin Informer to stay informed! Discover the most recent innovations, trends, and updates in the cryptocurrency space. Check out our website right now for in-depth reporting and analysis.

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Bitcoin May Reach $70K By April End – Lyra’s Data Analysis

So, you’re into crypto, huh? Well, now is the right time to dive deep into some interesting insights about Bitcoin and Lyra’s Data. Do you know that a decentralized options marketplace known as Lyra’s Data is buzzing with activity, revealing some interesting probabilities surrounding Bitcoin’s trajectory? What if we tell you that you have the opportunity to read the trader’s minds and decipher their expectations and speculations? It’s like being at the heart of the action, where every move is carefully witnessed and studied. Bitcoin is the undisputed king of cryptocurrencies that has been on quite the rollercoaster ride lately. In just three weeks, it surged by a whopping 35%, tantalizing close to the $52,000 mark. This is reminiscent of its glory from the back days of 2021. And guess what? There is a talk about a potential rendezvous with $70,000 by the end of April. How is it possible, you may ask? Well, according to Lyra’s Data, there’s about a 20% chance of witnessing Bitcoin soar to new heights, painting the town with fresh all-time highs. Hold on to your horses because there’s more to this story. Behind the Bitcoin’s meteoric rise lies numerous factors:  The approaching halving of mining rewards in April  Optimism around U.S. fiscal policies,  And the dwindling threat of a global recession In the world of cryptocurrency, there’s a perfect storm developing that’s exciting traders and fans. Let’s now explore all the major insights of Lyra’s observations in more detail and identify the factors influencing Bitcoin’s ascent to possible fame. Understanding the Lyra’s Data Let’s begin by interpreting the information provided by Lyra’s data. A 20% possibility that Bitcoin could hit $70,000 by the end of April sounds like a very alluring offer, doesn’t it? However, how do they determine these odds? It ultimately comes down to options trading, in which participants place bets on how much Bitcoin will rise or fall in the future. These choices act as a kind of crystal ball, providing insights into the general attitude and expectations of market players. Factors Supporting the Bullish Trend in Bitcoin The recent rise in Bitcoin has not happened in a vacuum. Numerous variables are accelerating its bullish momentum and sending it hurtling toward potentially unimaginable heights. Let’s start by discussing the impending April mining reward halving. This event involves a 50% reduction in the rate at which new Bitcoins are produced. Such halving events have historical connection to bullish price activity because supply and demand dynamics favor the latter. That’s not all, though. The story of Bitcoin is even more intriguing with the involvement of U.S. fiscal policy. The U.S. government’s stimulus programs are in full gear, and the financial markets are clearly experiencing a surge in liquidity. Bitcoin becomes a strong hedge against currency depreciation as investors look for alternative assets to protect themselves from inflationary pressures. In addition, the decreasing likelihood of a worldwide recession instills a degree of hope in the markets, creating a risk-taking atmosphere favorable to Bitcoin’s rise. It seems sense that traders are cautiously optimistic about the $70,000 mark given these tailwinds. Insights into Trader Sentiment Let’s now focus on how trader sentiment is reflected in the dynamics of options trading. As derivatives, options provide a special advantage by letting traders speculate on market fluctuations or hedge their bets without having to commit to full Bitcoin ownership. The abundance of call options, especially at the $64,000 and $70,000 strikes, suggests that traders are anticipating that Bitcoin will continue to rise. The Importance of Lyra’s Data in the Crypto World Prior to wrapping up, it is imperative that we recognize Lyra Finance’s importance inside the cryptocurrency space. Being the biggest decentralized cryptocurrency options marketplace globally, it functions as a gauge of market mood, providing valuable insights into the cryptocurrency community’s pulse. Lyra has given traders a platform to negotiate the complexities of Bitcoin’s price dynamics with its latest listing of options for the cryptocurrency that expires on April 26. This is especially helpful in the run-up to the highly anticipated mining reward halving. Conclusion It’s not just wishful thinking that suggests Bitcoin could reach $70,000 by the end of April; Lyra’s data-driven insights and market factors support this scenario. The stage is ready for Bitcoin to break new ground in the upcoming months as traders brace themselves for possible upside, propelled by a convergence of bullish factors. Look no further than Coin Informer if you want to remain on top of the newest trends and advancements in the cryptocurrency realm. For all things cryptocurrency-related, Coin Informer is your go-to source, thanks to its extensive research and real-time updates. Join Coin Informer now to enhance your cryptocurrency adventure, and don’t miss out on the activity!

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Craig Wright

Is Craig Wright Really Satoshi Nakamoto? Let the British Court Decide it!

As a crypto enthusiast, you may have heard of this weird theory where Craig Wright identifies himself as a ‘Satoshi Nakamoto,’ the unidentified progenitor of Bitcoin. No one knows who, exactly, Satoshi Nakamoto was. Why did he disappear after creating a white paper that launched the biggest cryptocurrency ever (Bitcoin)? All of us know that Satoshi Nakamoto is the creator of Bitcoin. However, in 2016, something weird happened. An Australian techie named Craig Wright came out in the media and proclaimed himself as Satoshi Nakamoto (Bitcoin’s original creator). This news became the biggest headline in the world. The whole crypto community was shocked, but something big from Wright was also coming. He also accused the crypto developer community of misusing his (Satoshi’s) creation & converting it into a highly expensive commodity, as the original idea was to make Bitcoin as digital cash for everyday transactions. We all may have moved on from this, but Wright still stands on his claims. In an ongoing British court trial, Wright is still reciting the same old claims as we all used to recite poems in childhood before teachers. Since this weird yet relevant theory has again popped off due to an ongoing court trial, Coin Informer thought this is the right time to Craig Wright’s real identification & his journey to court. Who, exactly, is Craig Wright? This 53-year-old man is an Australian computer scientist and self-proclaimed businessman. With a rich academic background, Wright was poised to have a bright future. He started his professional career by working for companies like OzEmail & K-mart. Later on, he also becomes a security consultant for Mahindra & Mahindra. But in Late December, everything changed when Craig claimed himself ‘pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto.’ After that, all he does is make everyone believe that he is an inventor of Bitcoin. 8 Years of Wright’s Life, Fighting Numerous Legal Cases In the last eight years of Wright’s life, he has fought against a number of legal issues, including Dave Kleiman’s property-related lawsuit. If he gets extra time between his busy schedule to make people aware, ‘he is a Nakamoto,’ Wright also sued numerous people. He sued influential personalities like Vitalik Buterin (founder of Ethereum), Roger Van (Bitcoin Entrepreneur) & Peter McCormack (a Renowned Podcaster). Besides this, he also started suing many YouTubers & even some social media users. Simply put, he sued all people who accused him of lying about being Satoshi Nakamoto. Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance Filing Court Case Against Craig Wright Craig Wright’s real identity is going to be out soon as COPA (Cryptocurrency Open Patent Alliance) has filed a case against him. Involving in a case like this with such a world-recognized organization as COPA is a big deal. COPA is very clear behind their court file. They have asked the British high court either for a ruling or declaration ‘Wright is not Satoshi Nakamoto.’ Considering the seriousness of this case, the court trial started on February 5 at the High Court’s Business & Property Courts of England. The whole trail can last for a month. It means that at the end of this month, this theory vanished forever.  February 6 – 9 (Cross-Examination of Craig Wright) On the first day of the trial, COPA’s barrister, Jonathan Hough, spoke some clap-worthy lines which go like this, ‘Dr. Wright’s claim to be Nakamoto is a ‘Brazen Lie,’ an ‘Elaborate False Narrative’ supported by forgery on an industrial scale.’ Moreover, Hough also dismissed Wright’s documents indicating him to be Satoshi as fake & contradictory. The documents also contained the 2008 white paper that launched Bitcoin. COPA rejected these papers as they argued the original paper was written using OpenOffice while Wright’s paper was written using LaTeX. Moreover, the formats of both papers were also mismatched. February 12 – 13 (Craig Wright’s Cross Examination Continued) Again, Wright showed numerous documents indicating he has some sort of Satoshi-hood in it. From Schema files to plug-ins & hex editing, the files perfectly resonate with Satoshi’s work. In resistance, Hough accused Wright of forgery, arguing that these documents were backdated and had undergone several changes to make them look like they were of Satoshi. February 14 – 16 (Cross Examination of Remaining Fact Witnesses for Craig Wright) The court trial is ongoing. Upcoming Schedule of COPA vs. Craig Wright Case February 19 – 23 (Cross Examination of Fact Witnesses for COPA/Developers) February 23 – March 1 (Cross Examination of Digital Forensic Experts) (Cross Examination of Both Cryptocurrency Experts) March 1 March 4 (One-Week Gap) March 12 – 15 (Oral Closing Submissions) What’s Next? We’ve to wait for a few more weeks to know the truth whether Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto or not. If he proved to be Nakamoto at the end of a court trial, he would become a parent to Bitcoin (the world’s largest cryptocurrency). With that, he’ll also get access to some copyright in the Bitcoin price, from where he can earn a lot of money. If he is found to be not Nakamoto, then Mr. Craig has to face some hard challenges, which can cause a lot of trouble for the old man. Stay tuned with Coin Informer to get up-to-date with this significant court trial.

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13th February Crypto Update: Bitcoin rises at US$50K

You might have already heard about the buzz about Bitcoin. This coin is making headlines once again, and this time, it’s all about hitting a major milestone of over $50,000 mark! Yes, you heard it right. Bitcoin, the king of cryptocurrencies, has soared to new heights, signaling a rebirth of something that’s got everyone talking. The latest spike in bitcoin is very remarkable. Imagine this: Tuesday morning, the price of Bitcoin shot up to an incredible $50,328.33. That’s an impressive accomplishment in light of the cryptocurrency market’s volatility. And what do you know? It’s still holding strong at $49,864.33 at the time of writing, indicating a noteworthy 3.71% growth in just one day. That’s what I refer to as a bullish trend now! Factors driving bitcoin’s Rally: Bitcoin You might be wondering, what is the reason of such meteoric rise of Bitcoin? Well, it’s not just the bitcoin but the entire crypto market is experiencing a surge in trading volume. The recent rise of crypto market was whopping 72.68% over the last 24 hours. Yes, you read it right in just a DAY! Totaling the rise to a jaw-dropping $34,097,977,228. Let’s take a deeper look into the key divers behind the Bitcoin’s remarkable rise: Institutional Adoption: This as played a significant role in driving the rise of Bitcoin. Over the past few years, we’ve witnessed a growing acceptance of bitcoin as a legitimate asset class by institutional investors and financial institutions. Institutional Adoption: Growing acceptance by institutional investors and financial institutions has boosted Bitcoin’s credibility as an asset class. Economic Uncertainty: Bitcoin’s status as a hedge against economic uncertainty and inflation has attracted investors seeking to diversify their portfolios. Increasing Institutional Infrastructure: The maturation of infrastructure supporting Bitcoin has made it easier for institutional investors to enter the market. Limited Supply and Halving Events: Bitcoin’s capped supply and halving events contribute to its scarcity, driving up prices due to supply-demand dynamics. Growing Retail and Institutional Interest: Both retail and institutional investors’ increasing interest in Bitcoin has fueled demand, leading to its price surge. Understanding different patterns of Bitcoin Bitcoin’s journey to $50,000 hasn’t been a walk in the park. It’s faced its fair share of ups and downs, from a 64% plunge in 2022 to enduring challenges like the implosion of the Terra ecosystem and the disintegration of crypto exchange FTX. But hey, talk about resilience! Bitcoin has tripled in value since the beginning of last year, marking a remarkable turnaround from its tumultuous past. The Rise of Altcoins But wait, there’s more! It’s not just Bitcoin stealing the spotlight; several other cryptocurrencies have also seen substantial gains. From ORDI to SEI, these altcoins are making waves in the crypto market, attracting traders seeking lucrative opportunities. A Look at Top Gainers: ORDI (ORDI) With a price surge of 13.29% in the last 24 hours and a trading volume of $373,376,137, ORDI is catching the attention of traders. BEAM (BEAM) BEAM has witnessed an impressive 11.69% price increase, with a substantial trading volume of $117,578,666, indicating strong investor interest. 1000SATS (SATS) Despite its fractional price per token, 1000SATS has shown remarkable resilience with a 9.54% price increase and a trading volume of $101,101,021. GNO (Gnosis) GNO has experienced a noteworthy 8.51% price uptick, with a trading volume of $13,791,927, reflecting active participation from investors. SEI (Sei) SEI has demonstrated significant price appreciation, recording an 8.30% increase in its price over the past 24 hours, with a substantial trading volume of $409,607,470. Conclusion Bitcoin’s climb to $50,000 is a testament to the growing acceptance and adoption of cryptocurrencies as legitimate investment assets. Despite the challenges and volatility inherent in the crypto market, Bitcoin’s resurgence highlights its enduring appeal and potential as a store of value in the digital age. Ready to ride the crypto wave? Stay tuned to Coin Informer for all the latest updates and insights into the ever-evolving world of cryptocurrencies. Want to stay ahead of the curve in the crypto world? Head over to Coin Informer, your go-to online platform for the latest information, updates, and happenings in the crypto sphere. Join the community today and unlock the potential of digital assets!

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Crypto Breaking Double Your Investment in 8 Days

Crypto Breaking: Double Your Investment in 8 Days

Double your investment! Sounds too good to be true, isn’t it? Well, you are definitely in for a treat. There are two contenders that are stepping into the spotlight and promising to double the investment. Any guesses on which tokens are those? They are none other than Retik Finance and Shiba Inu (drumroll, please). Now, the fun doesn’t stop here; what if I tell you this doubling of the investment happens in just over a week? What would you do with those huge gains? Buy your dream car? Take a long-awaited vacation? Or perhaps reinvest and watch your wealth grow even further? The possibilities are endless, and the crypto world is buzzing with anticipation. This post will walk you through the unique dynamics of Retik Finance and Shiba Inu and explore their innovative approaches and market strategies. From revolutionizing traditional finance to industry and potentially redefining what’s possible in the world of digital assets? We will learn everything in between. Choose Retik Finance (RETIK)! Double Your Investment On the journey to revolutionize traditional finance Retik Finance isn’t just another crypto project but a revolutionary blockchain endeavour aiming to bridge the gap between traditional fiat and the crypto world. Imagine seamlessly integrating cryptocurrencies into the global payment macroeconomy. Sounds groundbreaking, right? Well, that’s precisely what Retik Finance is all about. Let’s delve deeper into what makes RETIK stand out. Innovative integration strategies RETIK’s innovative approach leverages decentralization, smart contracts, and blockchain consensus mechanisms to empower participants in both fiat and crypto ecosystems. Presale Dynamics RETIK’s ten-stage presale structure allows for equitable token distribution, accommodating a range of investment approaches and cultivating a varied participant pool. Community Support With RETIK being at stage 8 of its fundraising phase, the project’s potential for quick expansion is highlighted by the strong community endorsement. Considering Shiba Inu (SHIB), Catching the Wave of Memes! Double Your Investment From Internet memes to mainstream Inspired by the fabled Dogecoin, Shiba Inu soared to prominence in the cryptocurrency space in 2020, surfing the meme coin wave like a pro surfer. But what distinguishes SHIB from the plethora of other meme tokens that are saturating the market? Let’s explore the mysteries surrounding SHIB’s meteoric growth. Meme Coin Mania SHIB’s branding, which features the recognizable Shiba Inu dog breed, capitalized on the meme culture and propelled the brand to previously unheard-of levels of fame. Market Dynamics The TD Sequential Indicator, a trustworthy indicator of SHIB’s movements, flashed a buy signal, adding to the fervour among investors and causing SHIB’s market capitalization to soar. Whale Activity Huge wallets that transacted for millions of dollars in a matter of hours indicated that investors were becoming more and more confident in SHIB’s ability to generate substantial returns. Double Your Investment Now! Leading contenders Retik Finance and Shiba Inu have attracted investors with the prospect of doubling their investments in just eight days. But keep in mind that huge risks accompany enormous profits. Before pursuing any investment opportunity, especially in the unpredictable realm of cryptocurrency, it is crucial to carry out extensive study and evaluate your level of risk tolerance. Are you prepared to start this exciting adventure? Watch Retik Finance and Shiba Inu carefully as they negotiate the turbulent waters of cryptocurrency. Don’t forget to subscribe to Coin Informer, your go-to resource for the most recent news and analysis on everything cryptocurrency; it’s the essential guide to the always-changing world of digital assets. Are you ready to grab the chance and make twice as much money as you invested in just eight days? The crypto rollercoaster is waiting, and time is of the essence. Come ride with me!

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Online Platforms

Earn FREE Crypto with These 8 Online Platforms

Who would have thought a virtual coin could be more expensive than one we can see and touch? The skyrocketing value of numerous cryptocurrencies makes them rare and famous at the same time. But what if I tell you that you can get free crypto? Yes, you read it right- FREE. As we explore more about digital assets and blockchain technology, we find ourselves surrounded by a plethora of opportunities to earn and collect crypto without significant investments. But you might be wondering where to start. How do you choose the right platform offering free crypto in 2024? You don’t have to worry at all, as Coin Informer is here to guide you through the top 8 websites or online platforms that help you earn free crypto effortlessly. 1. CoinSmart: This Canda-based platform isn’t just an ordinary cryptocurrency exchange but a gateway to earn free crypto as well. Once you register and your account is verified, you will get a generous sign-up bonus of CAD 15, which is worth Bitcoin. Earning opportunity in CoinSmart CoinSmart goes beyond the initial bonus to enhance your crypto stash. When you refer it to your friend, complete challenges, and engage in promotions, you continually add to your Bitcoin holdings. What are the supported cryptocurrencies? CoinSmart supports over 15 cryptocurrencies that offer a diverse range of options for users to explore and collect more and more coins over a period of time. 2. Coinbase: Coinbase has over 70 million users worldwide, which has helped it gain the tag of the most trusted cryptocurrency platform. They offer a learn-and-earn program that rewards users with up to US$200 worth of crypto for watching short educational videos. Great user base and trust The massive user bases speak for the credibility of Coinbase. This makes this platform ideal for both beginners and seasoned crypto enthusiasts. Additionally, the Learn and Earn program not only rewards users but also provides valuable educational content about various cryptocurrencies, fostering a deeper understanding of the crypto space. 3. Binance As the largest and most liquid cryptocurrency exchange globally, Binance offers a Learn and Earn program featuring quizzes and tasks, allowing users to earn up to US$100 worth of crypto. Interactive Learning The interactive nature of quizzes and tasks makes learning about cryptocurrencies engaging and rewarding on the Binance platform. Binance’s extensive user base of over 200 million ensures a diverse and dynamic community, contributing to a robust crypto ecosystem. 4. Phemex Singapore-based Phemex takes a unique approach with its Learn and Earn program, rewarding users for exploring short videos and articles covering various crypto and blockchain topics. In-depth Knowledge Phemex encourages users to delve deeper into crypto concepts, fostering a community with a strong foundation in blockchain technology. Singaporean Influence The platform’s Singaporean roots bring a distinct flavor to the crypto learning experience, reflecting the global diversity within the cryptocurrency space. 5. CoinMarketCap CoinMarketCap, with over 300 million monthly visitors, is the go-to platform for cryptocurrency data. Their Learn and Earn program involves quizzes and surveys, offering users up to US$50 worth of crypto. Data-driven Learning The quizzes and surveys not only reward users but also contribute to a data-driven understanding of cryptocurrencies, aligning with CoinMarketCap’s commitment to transparency. Participating in quizzes and surveys provides users with valuable market insights, enhancing their overall grasp of the cryptocurrency landscape. 6. Hong Kong-based stands out with a diverse range of products and services. New users can enjoy a US$25 bonus in CRO by registering and staking at least $400 worth of CRO. Staking for Rewards The staking feature introduces users to the concept of earning rewards by contributing to the platform’s ecosystem, adding a layer of engagement beyond the initial bonus. Multi-faceted Platform From a crypto app to a crypto debit card,’s ecosystem provides users with various tools to navigate and utilize their crypto holdings effectively. 7. Newton Canada-based Newton offers a CAD 25 Bitcoin bonus for new users, coupled with opportunities to earn more by trading and referring friends. Community Building The Newton Savings feature, allowing users to earn up to 12% interest on crypto holdings, fosters a sense of community and financial empowerment. Secure Trading Environment Newton emphasizes security, ensuring users can explore the platform with confidence, backed by robust features and measures. 8. Brave Browser: Brave Browser, known for its privacy-centric approach, enables users to earn free BAT by viewing ads and content from verified publishers. User Empowerment Brave Browser empowers users to take control of their online experience, providing an alternative model for content consumption and ad engagement. The ability to tip favorite websites and content creators with BAT adds a layer of direct support, creating a symbiotic relationship between users and content providers. Conclusion: These platforms offer a gateway to not just Earn FREE Crypto but also gaining valuable insights and contributing to the growth of the crypto community. As you embark on this exciting journey, explore more on Coin Informer, where the latest information, news, updates, and a vibrant community await. Remember, the world of crypto is ever-expanding, and there’s always more to discover. Explore more on Coin Informer for the latest updates, news, and insights on the cryptocurrency world. Join a community passionate about the future of finance and stay ahead in the dynamic world of cryptocurrencies. Happy exploring!

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SDF Postpones Protocol 20 Upgrade, Bitcoin Passes 43K: Top Crypto News

Who would have thought that January 2024 would be this fast? It still looks like New Year celebrations were yesterday. But, amid daily crypto dramas, news, controversies, and prices up & down, when time passes, no one knows. Without wasting much time, let’s look at this week’s top crypto news. Stellar Development Foundation Decided to Postpone the Protocol 20 Upgrade: Top Crypto News January 27, 2023. The digital and finance community was highly anticipating the debut of the Protocol 20 upgrade in Stellar Development Foundation. But, on January 25, 2024, Stellar Development Foundation (SDF) decided to postpone this upgrade after their developers found a bug related to fee-bump transactions for Soroban smart contracts. The Protocol 20 upgrade is meant to add ETH (Ethereum) style smart contracts on the platforms. Since SDF is one of the oldest and most reliable decentralized public blockchain platforms, many people were waiting for this upgrade. But it seems like they have to wait for a few more weeks. Tyler van der Hoeven, one of SDF’s developers, took to X (formerly Twitter) to announce that proceeding with the upgrade without addressing this bug would have posed a threat to the security of various applications and services on the platform. Thus, to ignore this kind of situation, Stellar Development Foundation had to postpone the upgrade. Bitcoin’s Price Making Ups & Down Reached $43K but Fell-Off in Few Hours: Top Crypto News January 31, 2024. Last week, every crypto analyst was shocked to witness Bitcoin’s price reaching below $39K. Since predictions were made, Bitcoin’s price will rise further after the approval of Spot Bitcoin ETFs. But, somehow, grayscale investment’s token overflow and spot Bitcoin ETFs taking center stage led to Bitcoin’s price making a huge dip. On January 29, 2024, the Bitcoin price takes a huge surge by reaching & passing the mark of $43K. But, in the next few hours, the price started shrinking. However, the prices came back on track by reaching $43K. As of now, Bitcoin’s price stands at $42,999.82. This means prices are fluctuating frequently, experiencing both increases and decreases.                                                    (Bitcoin’s Price Fluctuations, Source: CoinDesk)  Coinbase’s ‘Stand with Crypto’ Debuts New Data on Senators’ Crypto Ideology: Top Crypto News January 30, 2024. According to recent data from Coinbase’s Stand with Crypto (a non-profit advocacy organization), 18 senators in the US Senate are pro-crypto. Out of 18 senators, 14 are from the Republican Party, and four are from the Democrats. The list includes the names of reputable names, such as Cynthia Lummis Ted Budd Tommy Tuberville John Cornyn Bill Hagerty Ted Cruz Steve Daines Marsha Blackburn Markwayne Mullin Todd Young Thom Tillis Mike Lee John Boozman Tim Scott Democrats’ Senators who support crypto, includes: Ron Wyden Kristen Gillibrand Cory Booker Kyrsten Sinema Cynthia Lummis & Ted Budd are the republican senators who are most vocal about the interests of the crypto industry. Their support for the crypto industry can be indicated by looking at the fact that both senators have shown support for the passing of over 16 pro-crypto bills together. In contrast, Kristen Gillibrand and Ron Wyden are the Democrat senators who are pro-crypto. If we talk about the senators who stand against crypto, ‘Stand with Crypto’ data has suggested a total of 30 senators who have anti-crypto opinions. The list also includes famous political leaders such as Donald Trump, Robert F. Kennedy, Joe Biden, and Elizabeth Warren. Click here to check this data. SEC’s Approval on Spot Bitcoin ETFs May Give Momentum for Similar Approvals in & Around Asia: Top Crypto News January 29, 2024. Many crypto experts from all over the globe predicted that many countries may pass the green flag on the spot for Bitcoin ETF’s approval after the SEC has passed their approval in the US. On January 10, the American crypto industry woke up to the historic news when the SEC approved the functioning of spot Bitcoin ETFs across the US. After this decision, many were expecting other countries to follow suit. However, no one thought that the impact of this decision could be seen in less than a month. The countries that might be the next ones to approve the functioning of spot Bitcoin ETFs in their territories include Australia, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Th Stay Tuned! Coin Informer at Your Service: In this fast-paced digital world, you may find it hard to keep up-to-date with the recent advancements and crypto industry news. Considering this problem, we publish weekly crypto news blog posts to keep you informed. So, stay tuned with us for more detailed blogs on top crypto news.

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Bitcoin spot ETF Approval

How will the Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval Impact the Crypto Landscape? 

The crypto world is waiting for the highly anticipated decision on the Bitcoin spot ETF approval by the SEC. Whether you’re a dedicated crypto enthusiast or a beginner in this industry, you might have heard of various news highlighting the anticipation for approval of the Bitcoin spot ETF. But have you thought about why this news is getting the limelight? What’s all the fuss about? And why approval of Bitcoin spot ETF matters so much to the crypto industry & investors. Get answers to all these questions in our detailed blog post. The Coin Informer team made an effort to make our beloved readers aware of the importance of this historic decision, which is rumored to be taken by the SEC later this week. Before discussing the importance & implications, let’s discuss what, exactly, is Bitcoin spot ETF. Understanding Bitcoin Spot ETF: Let’s take a look at the meaning of ETFs to understand better. ETFs: These are a basket of securities or investment funds that can be traded on any exchange to track the performance of specific assets. ETFs are similar to individual stocks since they can be bought & sold by individuals via traditional brokerage accounts (such as NYSE). Besides this, nothing is similar between ETFs & individual stocks. If you understand the meaning of ETFs, grabbing the concept of Bitcoin Spot ETF will not be difficult. Putting all this together, it can be said, “A Bitcoin spot ETF is a basket of investments that tracks the performance of the Bitcoin price in the spot market, where it is sold & bought by individuals through Traditional stock exchange.” Current Status on the Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval: History in Making? The excitement among the crypto industry and even the whole financing & business sectors towards the Bitcoin Spot ETF approval has led to Bitcoin’s prices breaching $47,000. In the early days of this week, when the whole world was celebrating New Year, the crypto industry flourished to a new level as Bitcoin surpassed $45,000 for the first time since April 2022. As of now, the Bitcoin’s price stands at $46,520.07. Let’s come back to the topic: the current status of the Bitcoin Spot  approval. If we trust close sources & insider news, the decision on Bitcoin ETF approval by the SEC can be expected later this week. Well! No one knows what to expect from the SEC. Observing the tumultuous relationship between the SEC and the crypto industry, some analysts express concerns about whether a Bitcoin spot ETF will be approved or not. Still! There is a 99% possibility that the SEC will approve Bitcoin spot ETF. But the real question is, if the SEC approves Bitcoin spot ETF, how will it impact the crypto landscape? Impact of Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval on Crypto Landscape: If the SEC favored Bitcoin Spot ETF approval, it would be a significant win for the crypto industry, especially for investors. Such a decision will insist US regulators consider Bitcoin a legitimate asset. Moreover, US crypto industry will witness significant shift by making an effort in the favor of investor protection. This can open flood doors for investors to get involved with Bitcoin. Sam Collahan’s Statement on Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval Impact: In an interview with Yahoo Finance, Sam Callahan correctly highlights the impact of Bitcoin Spot approval on Crypto World. The Lead Crypto Analyst at Swan Bitcoin argues, “It’s certainly an exciting time in Bitcoin, and the reason why the industry is so excited about a Bitcoin spot ETF approval decision as it’ll give access to millions of investors who are currently finding it a little bit harder to get exposure to Bitcoin. it’ll now be as easy as any other stock or bond to purchase Bitcoin in a traditional brokerage account. But specifically who this helps the most is large institutions that manage trillions of dollars of wealth such as financial advisors, broker-dealers. Right now, it’s not that they don’t want to get exposure to Bitcoin. They can’t because of regulatory requirements that restrict them from buying spot Bitcoin, but the approval of Bitcoin spot ETF will change that.” Potential Positive Impacts that Need Your Attention: I. Surge in Accessibility of Bitcoin: After Bitcoin spot ETF approval, millions of US investors will get involved with Bitcoin directly. This will make Bitcoin the most accessible & convenient asset on the market. II. Boost in the Bitcoin Prices: As mentioned before, the anticipation of the decision of Spot Bitcoin approval has led to Bitcoin’s prices reaching new peaks by surpassing $47,000. Imagine the boost in Bitcoin price popularity when Bitcoin spot ETF gets approved. Negative Effect of Bitcoin Spot ETF Approval: If the SEC approves the functioning of Spot Bitcoin ETF, the whole attention will shift towards Bitcoin, reducing demand for other cryptocurrencies such as Ethereum, Litecoin & Solana. Thus, Spot Bitcoin ETF’s approval can negatively impact cryptocurrencies other than Bitcoin. Final Words: The excitement among the crypto industry towards the approval of Bitcoin Spot ETF is anything we have ever seen. Let’s see how much time the SEC will take to make this historic decision. If such a decision arrives soon, the crypto industry will never be the same. Investors will finally be able to buy or sell Bitcoin tokens like mutual funds. With this, Coin Informer would like to wrap up this blog post. As a leading source of the latest crypto news & updates, Coin Informer is your trusted companion. Stay tuned for our next news article.

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