Taproot Upgrade: Everything You Should Know

Bitcoin Taproot Upgrade

In the past four years, Bitcoin hasn’t implemented any upgrade until now. The latest upgrade on the Bitcoin network is Taproot. The main aim of implementing Taproot is to streamline the transactions making them more efficient and cost-effective. In this blog, we will give you a brief overview of Taproot and the effect it will […]

Bitcoin Digital Wallet: Our Top Four Picks!

Bitcoin Digital Wallet

Bitcoin Digital Wallet: Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the market. In fact, amongst all cryptocurrencies, bitcoin has the largest market capitalization making it the first choice of investors. Now, unlike your regular stocks, you can use a crypto exchange to withdraw your cryptocurrencies and store them in a digital wallet. Are […]

Bitcoin Hard Forks: A Quick Look at the Timeline

Bitcoin Hard Fork

Bitcoin Hard Forks: Satoshi Nakamoto, the mysterious software developer released bitcoin in early 2009. This was the first cryptocurrency ever to be released. And since then, it has seen a massive following to grow as a cryptocurrency with the highest market capitalization. Many new and pro investors strongly believe in bitcoin which is usually their […]

What is Automated Trading Software, And Why Has it Become So Popular?

Automated trading systems are taking over financial markets. A study found that they account for substantial trade volumes, especially in the commodities and futures market. Thus, they are increasingly being embraced by traders. The reasons that traders give for their widespread use include the convenience and accessibility that they offer. What Is an Automated Trading […]

Bitcoin Gemini: Is It Worth It?

Bitcoin Gemini

Bitcoin Gemini: What Is It? Bitcoin Gemini: Are you a new trader who has just started to invest in cryptocurrency? However, due to your full-time jobs and other obligations, it gets tricky for you to monitor the cryptocurrency market and your investment. Also, as a new trader, you are not an expert in the market […]

How Ethereum Blockchain Can Transform the Future of Financial Institutions?

Ethereum Blockchain

If you are active on social media, listen to the latest news or chat with your colleagues, you might have already heard about cryptocurrency and how it is based on blockchain technology. Blockchain technology which sounds like something from a futuristic sci-fi movie is very much real and is gaining massive attention from businesses around […]

Will Bitcoin Ever Reach its Maximum Supply Value of 21 million?

Bitcoin Supply

Bitcoin is one of the most popular and the first cryptocurrencies to be released in the market for trading. Since its release in 2009, this cryptocurrency coin has performed really well, and most traders prefer buying and selling Bitcoin to earn profits. But there’s a major catch with Bitcoin and its potential to be the […]

Self-Regulation of Cryptocurrency Exchange: Will It Work?

Self-Regulation of Cryptocurrency Exchang

Cryptocurrency Exchange: The cryptocurrency market is highly volatile. Investors have always been too skeptical of investing in this market considering risks. And to top off the trading risks, there are high risks of hacks and scandals associated with crypto currency exchanges. These factors have kept several investors from trading in this market. Moreover, governments are […]

Five Popular Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Ways to Invest in Cryptocurrency

Invest in Crypto: Cryptocurrency is a buzzword that was constantly heard on social media, mainstream media, and personal discussions all-around 2021. Thanks to global personalities like Elon Musk who kept tweeting about the cryptocurrency market and influencing the trends. But cryptocurrency is more than just a buzzword. It is an amazing opportunity that investors can […]