Top 5 Cities in the World That are Bitcoin Hotspots

Bitcoin Hotspots

Bitcoin Hotspots: Do you want to buy something using bitcoin? If you didn’t know this already, there are several businesses and merchants around the world who have accepted bitcoin as a valid method of payment.

To be precise, there are more than 15,000 such outlets in different countries that accept bitcoin as a payment method. However, you must know that bitcoin has its fair share of controversies.

There is still a long road for bitcoin to be accepted worldwide. However, here are the top 5 cities in the world that have massive acceptance for bitcoin as a payment method.

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  • Vancouver

As you might know that Canada is amongst those countries that have taken major steps to regulate the cryptocurrency market and make it a viable investment market. This definitely has made it easier for the citizens to embrace the currency. Hence, there is a wider acceptance of bitcoin as a payment method. Vancouver already has more than 221 outlets where you can buy bitcoin and 50 merchants that accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Fun Fact: Downtown Vancouver’s Waves Coffee House is the first location in the world that got the first bitcoin ATM in 2013.

  • San Francisco

This is no surprise that San Francisco is on this list. The city is known to be the tech capital of the United States. It has two of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges, namely, Kraken and Coinbase. So, this is also no surprise that more than 100 businesses and merchants accept bitcoin as a payment method. The city also has more than 437 bitcoin ATMs out of which 65 ATMs are in the city.

Fun Fact:Cryptocurrency acceptance is widespread in San Francisco as compared to its small population of just 880,000.

  • Ljubljana, Slovenia

Ljubljana, the largest city of Slovenia is next on our list where bitcoin is accepted as a valid payment method. The capital city is also home to Bitstampwhich was first started by Slovenians. Although the Bitstamp now operates from London and Luxemburg. There are more than 200 businesses that accept bitcoin as a payment method. And the city has 11 bitcoin ATMs to withdraw bitcoin.

Fun Fact: Cryptocurrency acceptance is widespread in Ljubljana as compared to its small population of just 289,000.

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  • Amsterdam

The Dutch capital has accepted bitcoin as one of the most preferred methods of payment. The city’s population of 840,000 can access bitcoin from more than half a dozen bitcoin ATMs. Various businesses such as bike repair shops, coffee shops, and barbers accept bitcoin as payment. In fact, businesses in The Hague, Rotterdam, and Utrecht also accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Fun Fact:Bitfury, the bitcoin mining hardware maker, and BitPay’s European headquarters are located in Amsterdam.

  • Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv is the financial capital of Israel. And it is one of the cities that is a popular hub for startups. This makes it an ideal location for widespread bitcoin acceptance as a payment method. And so is true! The city currently has 7 bitcoin ATMs and 19 business merchants that accept bitcoin as a payment method.

Fun Fact: Tel Aviv is home to the Israel Bitcoin Meetup Group that has a member count of more than 4,000 members.

Final Takeaway

Bitcoin has come a long way since its introduction in 2009. From absolute skepticism to widespread acceptance in major cities around the world is a depiction of its potential.

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