Ways to Prevent Cryptojacking


Prevent Cryptojacking: If you haven’t been living under a rock, you might already know the rise in the digital age. There was a time when not many people believed that we could make transactions or shop online right from the comfort of our homes.

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However, with advanced digital technology, it is possible now. You have got the world at your fingertips. The rise of the digital age gave us another gift, namely, cryptocurrency. The beginning of the decentralized financial sector puts the control in the hands of people.

Cryptocurrency has gradually gained popularity and it was one of the most talked about and searched topics in 2021. And the gradual interest is on the rise even in 2022. One of the crucial aspects of cryptocurrency is mining the coins.

Mining crypto coins allows you to earn profits. However, this requires massive computing power. And that’s where we face the very first challenge in cryptocurrency, viz. Cryptojacking.

What is Cryptojacking?

In simpler terms, cryptojacking means hacking someone else’s computing power to mine crypto coins. This is one of the major cybercrimes and can be done by hackers using several ways. One of the most common ways is using ransomware.

This software can steal the computing power or crypto coins from the digital wallet of the victims. And chances are that the victims won’t even know their computer systems have been cryptojacked. The ransomware will run in the background and will be hard to detect.

The usual side effects of cryptojacking are slower CPU speeds leading to slower processing times, overheating of computer systems, higher usage of electricity thus increasing the bills.

Most cryptohackers try to cryptojack computer systems from businesses as they get access to larger computing powers.

Although cryptojacking is dangerous, you can implement certain methods to prevent it from happening to your organization.

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Ways to prevent cryptojacking

  • Employee Education

You need to ensure that your employees know about cryptojacking and the potential danger it can pose. Also, they must know the tell-tale signs of cryptojacking. Your employees must have good coordination with the IT team in your business organization.

Also, they must be told not to click on any suspicious links that might execute cryptojacking codes. They must also be made aware to follow these guidelines on their personal email and devices too.

  • IT Team Training

Your IT team must be trained to determine whether the systems are cryptojacked or not. They must know the ways to prevent cryptojacking in the first place. They must know the signs of attack and ways to investigate deeper.

Moreover, they must have better coordination with the employees to be notified of slow computing systems.

  • Use Ad-Blockers

One of the most common ways for crypto code execution is by playing an ad. Hence, you must use an ad blocker to ensure that the ad isn’t played, and the malicious crypto code is detected. This will avoid the execution of the code thus preventing cryptojacking.

  • Use Browser Extensions

Anti-cryptomining extensions are a great way to prevent cryptojacking. These are browser extensions that will block cryptominers from using your computing power. Some of the anti-cryptomining extensions are No Coin, minerBlock, Anti Miner, and more.

Final Takeaway

Cryptojacking is the harsh reality of the thriving cryptocurrency world. And it can affect anybody! Hence, the best way to educate yourself and implement methods to prevent cryptojacking.

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