Different Types of Cryptocurrency Scams You Should Know About

Types of Cryptocurrency Scams

Cryptocurrency Scams: Although bitcoin was first introduced in 2009, the past few years have seen an exponential rise in the cryptocurrency market. There are different types of cryptocurrencies in the market that people can choose from.

And all types of investors are interested in buying or selling cryptocurrency. However, another category of individuals that are eyeing cryptocurrency investments is the scammers. With so much talk around the market, scammers have found some ways to scam you of your investments.

Here are different types of cryptocurrencies scams you should know about.

Social Scams

In social scams, scammers will pretend to be a trusted identity and steal any important information regarding your cryptocurrency accounts and investments. They will pose to be a friend, lover, government agencies, investor, agents, and such. Social scams can be differentiated as follows.

Giveaway or Imposter Scams

In such a type of social scam, scammers will pose as cryptocurrency influencers, celebrities, or business professionals who can double or even triple the cryptocurrency earnings. This is also known as a Giveaway scam. Such scammers will create the perfect message and persona that will be believable enough for you to give important account and investment details.

Romance Scams

Another way to gain someone’s trust is to pose as their potential partner who is ready to commit to a long-term relationship. The scammers will often target those who have a lot of information online saying that they are looking for a partner or are ready to date.

Once trust is established, they will start talking about cryptocurrency and investments. They will coerce you into giving crucial information to them.

Extortion or Blackmail Scams

Scammers want crucial cryptocurrency investment information and hence they will go to any lengths to threaten you. In extortion or blackmail scams, they will pretend to have information such as adult website visits or any compromising photographs.

They will threaten to release this information unless the cryptocurrency information is shared with them. You need to know that such type of extortion scam is a crime and must be reported.

Phishing Scams

When scammers want to steal your digital wallet information, they will switch to phishing scams. They will send you an email claiming to give some high returns. But the catch is that you need to fill in your crypto wallet key information in the website link provided.

Once you have clicked such links and entered the information, scammers will have access to your funds. Now, they can easily steal your funds with just a few clicks.

Business or Investment Opportunity Scams

Most people who invest in cryptocurrency are looking to earn more profits. Now, of course, it is a great investment goal to have. However, this also allows scammers to get valuable information from you. The fraudsters will show you a great investment opportunity to scam you.

NFTs and ICOs Scams

With new features in cryptocurrency such as NFTs and ICOs, there are new investment opportunities for you. But these are also excellent methods for scamming you of your funds. You might be directed to fake websites for ICOs and NFTs to steal your digital wallet information.

Cloud Mining Scams

Now, most investors consider cloud mining a scam itself because it is impossible to gain the type of profit that it promises. However, several websites will claim to cloud mine your cryptocurrency with high returns.

Now, you may invest in cloud mining but make sure you do thorough due diligence of the chosen platform.

Bottom Line

Cryptocurrency is an exciting market and has high investment potential. However, it is also a great place for scammers to find your vital information.

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