Cryptocurrency – A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners


With each passing day, investors are getting crazier about cryptocurrency. The hype of crypto has risen to such an extent that now many best websites for cryptocurrency have been introduced to welcome more investors to this amazing marketplace. If you don’t know the basics of cryptocurrency, read this guide in detail to learn every must-know about the crypto market.

What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is a currency that exists digitally and is secured by cryptography. There is no central authority framed for it, and using the decentralized system, the transactions are verified, and records are maintained.

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What are The Types of Cryptocurrencies?

There are more than 18,000 different types of cryptocurrencies in the crypto market. Several new releases constantly happen in the crypto market, about which you can gain knowledge from the best website for crypto news. However, for now, have a look at some of the major cryptocurrencies in the market-

1. Bitcoin – Bitcoin is the first and most widely accepted form of cryptocurrency. At a time, it was so popular that people often used Bitcoin as synonymous with cryptocurrency. For potential investors, it is essential to know that the price of Bitcoin has risen sharply. But the good news is that you can still afford it because instead of buying a whole coin, you can buy it in fractions.

2. Altcoin – Altcoin is the word for any alternative digital currency to bitcoin. The most popular altcoin is Ethereum, also one of the fastest growing crypto coins in the market. But if you plan to invest in it, don’t merely rely on this information; instead, follow the best site for crypto news.

3. Crypto tokens – Often, the concept of crypto coins and tokens is confusing to many because, at first glance, they both appear the same. However, there are significant differences between the two –

  • Tokens cannot be mined, but coins can be mined.
  • Tokens are not linked to blockchains, but coins are linked.
  • In terms of utility, they differ as it widely depends upon the type of product or service they permit users to purchase.

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Why should you Invest in Cryptocurrency?

Making a crypto investment is frightening to many but super exciting to others. As a beginner, if you’re unable to decide whether or not you should go for crypto investment, look at some reasons mentioned below and then make an informed decision.

    1. Diversify portfolio – If you’re already a stock market investor, you must be aware of the importance and benefits of portfolio diversification. You can reduce your risk by a significant percentage if you choose portfolio diversification. And one of the best ways of diversifying would be to make way for some crypto coins in your investment basket. But investing arbitrarily in any coin for diversification is not a good idea; it is advised to make a decision based on the information you collect from the best website for cryptocurrency.
    1. Hedge against inflation – Just like gold, the crypto coins are limited in supply because there’s a cap on mining any cryptocurrency. So, they are thought to be good hedges against inflation that are caused by monetary expansion.
    1. Incredible security – Cryptocurrencies are considered more secure forms of payment because they are based on cryptography and blockchain security. This might be one of the most pertinent reasons for investing in cryptocurrency.

The amazing experiences of the crypto market can only be unleashed once you make a jump into it. Don’t let the negativity hold you back from entering this incredible marketplace. It might be dreadful since you’re a beginner, but following a proper guide and the best website for cryptocurrency information, you can become a great crypto investor.