Crypto Tourism: A Brief Overview!

Crypto Tourism

Crypto Tourism: Just before the 2020 pandemic shut down tourism, there was a type of tourism that was gaining popularity. And that is Cryptocurrency Tourism!

Yes, crypto tourism is very much a real thing and as soon as all the international travel restrictions are lifted, it will see a massive boom. We already know that the crypto market is the talk of the town, thanks to major global players like Elon Musk tweeting on the same. And with the high popularity of the crypto market, crypto-currency tourism will also increase.

So, what is crypto currency tourism? Who is the target audience for crypto-currency tourism? Is crypto tourism beneficial or just a waste of time? We will find the answers to all these questions in the following blog post. Keep reading.

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Crypto Tourism: What is it?

Crypto-currency Tourism can be defined in two ways:

  • Any tour or travel package that can be paid for using cryptocurrency is known as crypto-currency tourism.
  • Or any tour or travel package, where the travelers are offered classes or lectures regarding cryptocurrency is also known as cryptocurrency tourism.

Crypto tourism gained massive traction during 2018-2019 just before the pandemic shut down everything. One of the examples of cryptocurrency tourism comes from Coinsbank, a leading Scotland-based crypto wallet. They organized Blockchain cruises which had their most recent cruise in 2019 in Europe. The cruise lasted for 5 days sailing over the Mediterranean. 2,500 people/crypto enthusiasts attended the cruise tour.

There were some tours offered by crypto companies in New Zealand where people paid using cryptocurrency. One of the famous tours in the region was exploring the Great Barrier Reef paid using cryptocurrency.

Crypto-tourism Enables Companies to Engage Directly With Investors

Crypto Tourism: Who is The Target Audience?

Mostly, the crypto tours are aimed at rich and famous crypto enthusiasts. However, several tours cater to regular people who want to explore and pay for it using digital currency.

Each tour is specifically designed to ensure that the visitors get the most out of it including plenty of sightseeing. For example, the Coinsbank cruises mentioned above offered the usual sightseeing along with conferences, and exhibitions related to cryptocurrency. Major crypto figures attended the cruise tour.

Crypto Tours are also used for other purposes such as the promotion of an initial coin offering (ICO). This is to increase the initial investment and build trust amongst investors.

Crypto Tourism: Advantages and Disadvantages

  • Advantages: If you are interested in learning about cryptocurrency, crypto tours will be beneficial for you. And if you want to use digital money to pay for your tours, even then crypto tours are beneficial. This also gives you a chance where you can meet other crypto enthusiasts and crypto experts. Crypto tours are a great way to enhance your crypto game.
  • Disadvantages: One of the major disadvantages is that the crypto market is highly unregulated. Also, certain crypto tours are said to be used only for initial coin offering promotions. Also, crypto currency tourism targets a very small group of tourists and hence doesn’t have a big market share in the travel industry.

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Bottom Line

Prior to the 2020 pandemic, crypto tours started a new trend of traveling especially for crypto enthusiasts. This trend will surely keep growing as soon as the pandemic restrictions are lifted internationally. If you are also interested in one such tour, keep a lookout.

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